Cleansing Routines Using Korean Skin Care

If you are on social media platforms, you have probably come across an advertisement or two about the fastest way to get rid of wrinkles or dark spots. The idea of skin cleansing, as you know it, was once reserved for the most luxurious members of society. 

However, as the social media users' numbers swelled, the information reached all corners of the planet.

Here are some facts to reinforce the above statements:

  • The American skincare industry generates revenue of approximately $18 billion annually.

  • Facial cleansers are the most sought after skincare products surpassing millions of units per year.

  • 52% of American citizens use at least one skincare product daily.

  • On the other hand, 62% of American consumers own a daily anti-ageing product or regimen.

  • In 2019, Korean skin care became very popular in the U.S., with 29.4% of Americans affirming this fact.

If you haven't come across Korean skin care, it is often a two-step skin cleansing routine. For the first step, you will use oil to remove dirt and dissolve make-up. 

Next, you use a water-based cleanser to remove any residue left by the oil. Below are double cleansing benefits:

Oil-based Cleansing

You can use oil purification regardless of your skin type: oily, dry, normal and combination, to remove dirt or impurities from your face. Technically, most of the make-up products you use on your face, including petroleum jelly, are water-resistant.

You may wonder then, isn't it wrong to use on oily skin? It may come as a surprise to you that most break-outs or over-production of sebum is due to over-stripping your skin off its natural oils. Your skin then over-compensates for the lost oil leading to oil-filled acne.

Furthermore, skin cleansing  routine should become sustainable in the long run. That's where skin cleansing with Korean skin care products such as Heimish All-clean Balm will guarantee your facial skin sebum balance.


Water-based Cleansing

You will use water-based cleansers such as the Neogen Real Fresh Foam Green Tea after washing off your oil purification with warm water. 

It will remove any residue after oil purification. In this step, you have the liberty to address your skin’s unique struggles.

Crucially, you’ll cater to your concern for oily skin and find a variety of needs in this step. Furthermore, skincare is effective only when you understand your skin’s needs.

Simultaneously, the second step prepares your skin for your Korean all-skin types’ toner. The toner will effortlessly absorb onto your clean and purified skin. As you may know by now, some of your products may not work as advertised because of poor penetration into your skin.

Final Thoughts on Korean Skin Care Routines

You are bound for healthy and supple skin with any Korean skin cleanser. The success rate of this regimen is beyond doubt the most reliable of all others. Your skin cleansing will not only become more straightforward but also efficient. Taking up to a minute for one step and being gentle with your facial skin should now become the norm for you.

The Korean skin care beauty industry, through modern technology, ranks best. This beauty regimen will take your skin from dull to hydrated and young-looking. Skin cleansing knowledge has never been more available in history. Keep in mind good quality products will go a long way in skin rejuvenation.